The Great Company provides exceptional quality products for the home and garden including our high-quality garden, GREAT stakes, wood GREAT crates and the most popular product, the Artisans Seats.

We have been imaging toilet seats for over fifteen years and have served thousands of customers. Our staff is highly trained in imaging, woodworking, packaging and product design. We pride ourselves on providing unique products with the option of a customized, “personal touch”.

You can add your own art, photo or design to any of our products. Our manufacturing methods are state-of-the-art and allow for highly detailed images, fit and quality.

We offer over 1,000 pieces of art, or you may customize your seats, crates or stakes by providing your own art!

Please look around and stay awhile to enjoy our art selection or dream of your design on one of our custom products.

Thank you!

The GREAT Company



The GREAT Company is a division of Jonco Industries, Inc. of Milwaukee, WI, a recognized supplier to many Fortune 500 firms and worldwide clientele.

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